El Cortez Hotel and Casino

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Casino Games

Table games: 19

Poker tables: 3

Gaming machines: 1,004


Situated in downtown Las Vegas, there are only two words which can summarily describe El Cortez Hotel and Casino: Vintage Vegas. One glance at its red and white façade, sporting a classic, Spanish colonial theme, it wouldn’t be hard to figure out that this casino hotel establishment oozes with an aura of age and wisdom, or pangs of nostalgia for some wistful souls. Enduring the test of time, this casino holds a trump card above the rest of the flashy casino hotels over at The Strip – longevity. This casino has been standing and thriving since the 1940s, and still stands proud today. The El Cortez has even earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places, cherishing the role it has played in the development of The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Amenities, Accommodations & Hotels

If you want to make a time hop to the past, then the best place to do that in Las Vegas is the El Cortez Hotel and Casino. The casino hotel’s management has certainly done its best to maintain its classic, genuine look and ambiance that’s reminiscent of the 1950s.

The gaming floor here might not be as colossal as the larger than life ones at The Strip, but they certainly make up for it with certain, captivating duende. Sure, it has only three (3) tables in its Poker Room, but it’s the only place in downtown Vegas that offers 7-Card Stud. Interestingly as well, hanging out here would surely buy visitors some glimpses of gaming legends. Famous gaming personas do not frequent here every hour of the night, but the possibility of encountering one is high.

Another great aspect about the El Cortez Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is the affordability of just about everything in here; staying here is entirely bang-for-the-buck. The minimum wagers are set to as low as $0.25 cents per deal, and accommodations could be had for as low as $18 per night.

Dining & Restaurants

The in-house restaurant at El Cortez Hotel and Casino, named Siegel’s 1941 is one of the best food joints in downtown Vegas. It features an All-American, Vegas cuisine, which blends with the overall classic and vintage theme of the casino hotel. The other food establishments within the casino hotel complex include:

  • Dryers Ice Cream
  • Subway
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee

For other food options, visitors of El Cortez would definitely never run out of choices within its vicinity at the Fremont Street Experience.

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