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Macau, also spelled Macao, officially known as the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is one of the special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China. Macau lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong, which is about 64 kilometers to the east, and it is also bordered by Guangdong to the north and the South China Sea to the east and south. With an estimated population of around 636,200 living in an area of 30.3 sq km (11.6 sq mi), it is the most densely populated region in the world.

Macau City: The Gaming Hub of the East

Currently, Macau, China is home to some of the most incredible casino gaming centers in the world. As a gambling destination it pulls in more money than any other casino city on earth. Unique architecture, fine dining, vibrant night life, and luxury accommodations compliment Macau casino gaming hubs, which number currently to more than 50. Many of the casinos have integrated luxury hotels, or are fully fledged, all-inclusive casino and hotel resorts. It seems the Chinese have put everything about gaming and entertainment here, because Macau is the only place in China wherein casino gaming is legalized.

The largest casinos in Macau at present are the Grand Lisboa, StarWorld, One, Wynn, Encore, L’Arc and the Sands Macao. There are also plenty of medium sized casinos in between all the mega-resorts.

Macau’s General Ambiance and Atmosphere

The City of Macau is home to some of the most impressive casinos and some of the oldest and most iconic. The emphasis of the casinos in Macau is more on gaming or gambling itself, high stakes and grand amenities. That doesn’t mean visitors won’t find shows, medium to small stakes gaming, nightlife and food though; Macau is filled with plenty of activities to do.

In Macau, the most popular casino game nowadays is Baccarat. Interestingly, several casinos in the city don’t have anything else except baccarat tables. Actually, Macau is full of Chinese mainlanders seeking their fortunes. The gaming and gambling stakes that visitors are bound to witness at some of high-roller establishments is certainly not for the faint of heart. While there are plenty of other attractions abound in the city, Macau is designed for the more serious gamers and high level stakes.

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