Australia Casino Guide

Australia is often referred to as lucky country, as this country is also blessed with an abundance of resources, natural wonders and sunshine, travelers flock here from all over the globe to witness the likes of the Sydney Opera House, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. Interestingly though, none of these unique and iconic attractions even come close to touching Australia’s most visited tourist destinations, and some might find the actual facts surprising.

Gaming Centers as Top Tourist Attractions

The top three most visited tourist destinations in Australia are actually casinos, apparently, and in a list of the world’s top 100 tourist destinations, Crown Casino Melbourne is Australia’s most popular destination, drawing up to almost 11 million visitors per annum.

Next to the Crown Casino Melbourne, tourists hitting up AU are mostly going to the Gold Coast’s Jupiters Hotel and Casino, which also gathers a crowd of about 10 and a half million. And at third place of most popular Australia casino destinations behind the two mentioned is The Star Sydney Casino and hotel in Sydney, which draws about 9 million visitors every year. To compare, more iconic destinations like the Sydney Opera House, only attract around 8 million visitors annually.

A Country of Gamers

Online gambling is also very popular in Australia. Many of the top online casino providers have taken this into account, and are directly targeting the Australian population. Consequently, there are choices aplenty of pokies and casino websites available to Australians.

Certainly, casinos in Australia are much more than places to go and enjoy games of fortune and chance. Many of them are also fully integrated resorts, which offer great dining choices and restaurants, bars, shops, theaters and other establishments for entertainment, luxury and leisure. Actually, some of the best hotel rooms and suites you will find in the country are part of the casino resorts.

The largest concentration of gaming centers in Australia is in New South Wales with 5 gambling centers, 680 table games, and about 3,000 gaming, slot, and video poker machines. On the city level, the largest gaming center by far in Australia is in Sydney, New South Wales with 3 gambling facilities, 680 table games, and about 2,000 gaming, slot, and video poker machines.

The largest gaming establishment in the whole of Australia is the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne, Victoria. The Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex has around 400 table games, 50 poker tables, and 2,500 gaming and video poker machines.

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